Monday, January 23, 2017

100+ Beautiful Bohemian Baby Names

My husband and I consider ourselves to be a little bit on the hippie side. We had a Grateful Dead cover band play at our wedding, we do outdoorsy stuff, try to be green and eco-friendly, eat lots of healthy vegan food, and when we were naming our children I searched for flower names, earth names, and unusual bohemian nature names which reflected our personalities. While we are pretty sure we are done naming babies, I'm not done enjoying the baby names. I put a list together with over 100 of my favorite Earth Baby Hippie names for all of you boho-hippie parents-to-be to choose from!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The EASIEST Vegan Pancakes

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I have a lot of pancake recipes on the blog. There are my protein-packed pancakes, pancakes with nuts, pancakes with fruit, whole wheat pancakes... all these delicious and HEALTHY pancakes. But OF COURSE one of my family's favorite pancakes are the ones my husband makes. They are simple, fluffy, old-fashioned ones, that are made with mostly white flour. Maybe they aren't the healthiest pancakes but these are the perfect weekend pancakes, the vegan IHOP style;  the kind you eat when you have a ton of ripe strawberries and real maple syrup to drench them in and you are either a vegan or you don't have eggs or milk in the house. (*you DON'T have to be a vegan to eat these!!!)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why You Shouldn't Comment Mmmm Bacon on a Vegan Post

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian and have ever shared your feelings about animals with a friend, family member or a co-worker or shared an animal post that moved you on your Facebook feed you know people make comments they may think are harmless or funny but come across as heartless and mean. I get it. The non-vegs wonder why the vegans seem so preachy or share vegan posts and videos on social media and think it's a good time to say something like “mmm bacon” on a vegan post. It's not. Maybe I can shed some light from my perspective.

Friday, January 13, 2017 Valentine's Lovely Lingerie, Game, and $100 Giveaway #RightOnValentines2017

*We received products from in order to facilitate this review and giveaway.

Valentine's Day is coming up and we are pleased to have join us this year for our Valentine's Gift Guide and a sweet giveaway for you guys. When I think of Valentine's Day I think of chocolates, flowers, romantic dinners, or a getaway for two, and of course.... lingerie! I'm pretty sure I'm RIGHT ON when I say that the sexy lingerie is what is on the top of the guys list. My husband will back me up on this one (pun not intended!!! lol). Well, we received this really cute heart printed babydoll set and Secret Romance cards and both he and I think it's the perfect gift!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Find the BEST Off Property Hotel at Disneyland and a GIVEAWAY

We live in Southern California about an hour south of Disneyland, so we visit a lot. Yes we day trip it up there once in a while but when we had kids we realized that a Disney visit was way more enjoyable and much less exhausting if we booked two hotel nights. We've stayed in both on-property and off-property hotels and there are pros and cons to each. Here are our best tips for finding the BEST off-property hotel and we are actually offering a giveaway to Country Inn & Suites By Carlson in Anaheim, CA which pretty much covers everything we want!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vegan Oil Free Pesto Spread

I love something savory on toast. Most of the time I'm slicing open and smashing some avocado on it or spreading some hummus but I like to try to mix it up a bit. I grew a nice big basil plant on my balcony this year and I was harvesting cup after cup of bright green tasty basil leaves and what better than to use basil in than pesto! I created this very simple, rich, healthy, vegan, oil free, dairy free yet surprisingly cheesy pesto spread that I could lay on any toasted bread product and consume for breakfast, lunch, heck dinner and snack too!

Five Ways to Enhance the Natural Light in a Room

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The presence of natural light can make any room in a home seem more inviting. Some people look for homes with skylights and bay windows because they love to see natural light pouring in. A place like Invitation Homes leases many homes that offer lots of natural light. Perhaps you have a favorite room in your home that lets in quite a bit of natural light, but you find yourself wishing for more. Well, here are some simple ways you can enhance the natural light that flows into your favorite room.

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