Thursday, October 27, 2016

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for Vegetarians and Vegans in Singapore

On our recent trip to Singapore, we stopped in The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands and went to the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for a special lunch for the kiddos. Our kids are vegetarian, actually mostly vegan, but they reserve the right to eat vegetarian food when they are out and about or at a Birthday party and such. When my son, who is a superhero fan, saw this place, we had to stop in and see if they had anything to offer. We were able to find something for the kiddos, but the menu was not vegan friendly at all and had only a quesadilla, french fries, drinks and desserts for the kids. So yes. They were super happy and give it 5 vegetarian stars.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Giveaway - Dropprice $150 Amazon Gift Card

Dropprice $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 11/7

I know you all love Amazon so we joined up with a great group of bloggers to offer another one from Dropprice. This time it is for a $150 gift card! It is super easy to enter and you will also get to check out a new way to shop for a great deal which will be awesome for the holidays.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Visit Hawaii with a Great Deal from Pleasant Holidays

One of my favorite family trips was our trip to Hawaii last year. A lot of people say Hawaii is expensive but we found ways to make it work within our budget and had an amazing time. I think the best advice I can give someone wanting to go to an exotic location on limited funds is to do your research ahead of time and plan ahead. You can find some excellent vacation packages that can make a trip of a lifetime affordable and worth every penny.

Easy Vegan 3 Ingredient Crepes

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Sometimes I'm just cleaned out of ideas for what to feed my little kids for breakfast. We have things like pancakes, waffles, nice cream, and oatmeal that are heavy in the rotation but to keep boredom from setting in, I experimented with a few vegan crepes recipes and this was the one that worked the best. My kids and I loved it and it was a fun breakfast and makes a great dessert or snack too. It is only 3 ingredients and it is super easy to make.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Discovery Center Osaka Mega-photo post with All the Funny Miniland Pics

Hooray! We got to visit yet another LEGOLAND Discovery Center, this time in Osaka, Japan. I'm not going to bore you with too many details. I've written about these places before and they are all basically all the same format so if you've never been to one, I suggest you read this post as well. Our family is a little LEGO crazy and we had a fun-filled day of playing with LEGO, checking out their Miniland display, racing cars, riding their rides, playing in their Ninjago room, and of course shopping in their store. I also took a ton of photos so for those of you that would simply prefer the complete visual tour, you got it!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Taste Trunk Custom Vegan, Gluten-free, and Organic Gourmet Gift Trunks and Promo Code

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We love gift boxes. They make great gifts and they are so much fun to receive. We were just turned on to a really great gift box company called Taste Trunk and were delighted to find that they not only have a Custom Box section where you can chooses exactly what you like and they will box it up and send it, but their Custom Box option has a VEGAN section! That means that if your gift giver or recipient avoids animal products like we do, you can safely make up a gift here.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Giveaway - $175 Amazon Gift Card from Dropprice

Dropprice $175 Amazon Gift Card

We are offering yet another Amazon Gift Card in this mulit-blogger giveaway!  This time the prize is a whopping $175! The sponsor is Dropprice and it sounds like a really fun way crowd-shopping site where you can influence the discount. Check it out and enter below!

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